As an organisation AkiDwA takes a holistic approach to integration, promoting a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services as well as encouraging migrant women to access mainstream services and initiatives.

AkiDwA works with migrant women to build their capacity to participate in in all public spheres through training, awareness raising, consultation, focus groups discussions, information provision, research and policy development

 The AkiDwA  Strategic plan for 2019 -2021   Shaping the Future focuses on four key strategic themes:

  • Voice: To present the voice of migrant women and their families to the political and administrative system, the media and society as a whole
  • Equality: To address equality issues critical to the long-term inclusion and advancement of migrant women in Irish society, seeking demonstrable differences and to positive impact on their lives.
  • Community: To build the capacity of the community of migrant women and their families, by developing their skills, confidence and spirit of independence
  • Organisational Development: To strengthen the organisation

     AkidwA’s Integration work over the past two years has included:

    •  Promoting  greater civic and democratic engagement by migrants
    • To encourage more  political participation by migrants in the 2019 elections, we organised a  Conference in  Cork  in  March 2018
    • AkiDwa worked with other migrant-led organisations to  develop the Migrant Women na hEireann Manifesto
    • Capacity building for migrant women: Influential migrant women
    • Young migrant women:  Our Sense Of Self program helps young migrants to develop a greater understanding of their  own identities
    • Brain Gain: Network of migrant professionals and entrepreneurs,
    • Racism and discrimination– Research/google event, CERD submission, YANA project,
    • Employment- Door to work, Entrepreneurship