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Ireland’s network for migrant women

AkiDwA works to promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland by ensuring equal opportunities and access to resources. Our activities are focused on helping migrants to participate fully in all aspects of social, cultural, economic, civic and political life in Ireland.

As an organisation AkiDwA takes a holistic approach to integration, promoting a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services, as well as encouraging migrant women to access mainstream services and initiatives. The organisation works with migrant women to build their capacity to participate in in all public spheres through training, awareness raising, consultation, focus groups discussions, information provision, research and policy development

AkiDwA’s   Strategic Plan for 2019 – 2021 Shaping The Future  focuses on four key strategic themes:

  • Voice: To present the voice of migrant women and their families to the political and administrative system, the media and society as a whole
  • Equality: To address equality issues critical to the long-term inclusion and advancement of migrant women in Irish society, seeking demonstrable differences and to positive impact on their lives.
  • Community: To build the capacity of the community of migrant women and their families, by developing their skills, confidence and spirit of independence
  • Organisational Development: To strengthen the organisation capacity- Communication GDPR- newsletter.

These four strategic themes are supported by  AkiDwA’s three work priority areas for 2019-2021:

Integration: Even though this is a broad area which mainly covers areas that determine migrants inclusion and ability to fit into the community,  AkiDwA will undertake activities on employment and entrepreneurship, civic and democratic participation, racism and discrimination.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) 

AkiDwA recognises five specific types of Sexual and Gender-based violence. SGBV includes  rape and all forms of sexual violence, physical , emotional and psychological violence, harmful traditional practices  like FGM and socio-economic violence. However. based on AkiDwA’s expertise our organisation focuses particularly on combatting  female genital mutiliation (FGM), domestic violence, forced marriages and  trafficking.

Health: AkiDwA’s  work  mainly focuses on Women’s reproductive health and mental health.

Life Lessons from a Chinese bamboo farmer

Life lessons from the Chinese bamboo farmer  By Nengi Benstowe   Nengi Benstowe came to Ireland as a student, and she has been living here for a while now. She is a writer, a gospel artist and a public speaker. She explains how what she has learnt about bamboo farming helps her to support her […]

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Your Health Matters

My Health Matters!                       Friday September 13th AkiDwA Health Fair to offer free health checks at St Agatha’s Hall, Dunne Street, Ballybough, Dublin 3 Ireland’s migrant women’s network AkiDwA has joined forces with Cairde to organise a Health Fair in Dublin City where free health checks and self-care treatments will be available to everyone […]

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Press Release                                                              Date:  July 25th 2019 AkiDwA is in Monaghan this Saturday to celebrate diversity and  to discuss the many ways that migrants contribute to life in the border county Embrace Our Diversity, now one in eight of the Irish population is a migrant AkiDwA, Ireland’s network for migrant women will be in Monaghan Town […]

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