Addressing Sexual and Gender based violence

AkiDwA has been working  with migrant women in Ireland to address sexual and gender based Violence  for two  decades.

While Sexual and Gender Based Violence covers a very broad area, AkiDwA focuses  on addressing  Female Genital Mutilation, domestic abuse, forced marriages and trafficking.

AkiDwA has been  working  to improve health care supports and services in Ireland for women who have undergone FGM in their country of origin and to improve  policy and legislation with regard to how FGM survivors access treatment and support services here since 2000.

AkiDwA recognises five types of Sexual and Gender-based violence:  sexual violence, physical, emotional and psychological violence, harmful traditional practices and socio-economic violence. However AkiDwA  focuses our  expertise on  working to  end FGM, domestic abuse, forced marriages and trafficking.

  • FGM:  AkiDwA offers training  about FGM to health care professionals, Gardai and  to other front line  service providers
  • AkiDwA   trains people  to volunteer as Community Health Ambassadors  and we   also support them in carrying out their roles
  • AkiDwA    engages in community dialogue about the impact of  FGM with  schools, NGOs  and community organisations
  • Domestic violence: AkiDwA supports women experiencing male violence  and we are  building links with organisations that provide supports. AkiDwA provides support, guidance and training to migrant women experiencing domestic violence and we support service providers by helping them  to engage with migrant  women. AkiDwA engages in collaborative work with key NGOs and Government stakeholders, to encourage  policymakers to building gender and migrant perspectives into  key policies.
  • Forced marriages and trafficking –  AkidwA researches the impact of trafficking  and how FGM is linked to  girls leaving education and earlier marriages
  • We  support campaigns such as  Turn off the Red Light which resulted in sex work being decriminalised in Ireland,  with the passage of the Criminal Law Sex Offences Act 2017.

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Your Health Matters

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