AkiDwA Intercultural Day 2019

Listen to the coverage on NearFM of AkiDwA’s Intercultural Day 21st June 2019

On June 21st 2019, AkiDwA hosted an intercultural event that brought people from across Dublin’s North Inner City together to celebrate the richness of the communities who live here. We began by dancing. Stories were shared and new friends were made.

Donie Tarrant from NearFM spoke with our founder Salome Mbugua about Akidwa’s work and what it means to bring communities together. Listen on NearFM or use the player below.

AkiDwA Achievements

AkiDwA Young Migrant Women Group – (One World Week Film 2014)



Young Migrant Women summer camp 2014



AkiDwA Tie and Die Demonstration


AkiDwA 10th Anniversary

Door to Work – Participant’s Experience”>Door to Work – Participant’s Experience