Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice & Equality on the topic of Direct Provision and the International Protection Application Process [2019]

CERD Submission from AkiDwA-2018

AkiDwA submission to Department of Foreign Affairs  on third National Action Plan on  Women Peace and Security

AkiDwA Submission on second Intercultural Health Strategy

Submission on Understanding Gender Based Violence [2008]

Submission to the Joint Committee on Justice Equality Defence and Womens Rights regarding Carriers liabilities legislation and the Immigration Bill 2002 [2003]

Submission on Women and Asylum Looking at the Athlone Case from a Equality Gender Perspective

Submission to the Draft National Plan for Women 2001—2005 [2002]

Submission on national action plan against racism in Ireland [2002]

All Party Oireachtas Committee on Constitution Family Definition